Oldest Depiction of Supernova in Stone Carving

This is a follow-up post on “Indian Records of Crab Nebula“ Earlier I have written about possibility of Indian records of SN1054 – you may see the article on above link. This one is however is relatively new discovery. In 2018, oldest skymap depicting Supernova explosion was unearthed in Kashmir, India. Skymap is a 5000Continue reading “Oldest Depiction of Supernova in Stone Carving”

From Possibility to the Certainty of a Supermassive Black Hole

Notes from Lecture delivered by Professor Andrea Ghez, Nobel Laureate Physics 2020, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of California, Los Angeles. March 22, 2021. Does our galaxy harbor a Supermassive Black Hole at its center? There are two perspectives as to why one might want to pursue this question: Does really massive Black HolesContinue reading “From Possibility to the Certainty of a Supermassive Black Hole”