Astrophoto Processing Files

Most beginners in astrophotography make the mistake of buying their first setup too soon. Two major parts of astrophotography are data acquisition and post-processing. And post-processing is something we all look into after investing in gears. It is a skill that only time can teach you. Only after hours of practice, you can hone the skill of post-processing.

So, here are some free resources for Astrophoto datasets:

  1. Astrobackyard: Data Acquisition by Trevor Jones. You will find datasets for following deep sky objects –
    1. Cocoon Nebula
    2. Lagoon Nebula
    3. Soul Nebula
    4. Andromeda Galaxy
  2. Astropix: Data Acquisition by Jerry Lodriguss. You will find datasets for following deep sky objects –
    1. Andromeda Galaxy
    2. Orion Nebula
    3. Pleiades
    4. M46 and M47 Open Clusters
    5. M13 Globular Cluster
  3. Remote Astrophotography: Data Acquisition by Douglas Gardner. You will find a set of 20 datasets for images of galaxies.
  4. PhotographingSpace: Data Acquisition by Cory Schmitz.
  5. DPReview: Data Acquisition by Wei-Hao Wang.

Note: While posting your processed files, always give credits for data acquisition.

TelescopeLive is a new go-to for astrophotography and remote imaging. Observations are conducted from observatories situated in Australia, Spain, and Chile.

Interesting reads on Astrostatistics

Here are some research papers that you might find interesting:

  1. Astrostatistics in Canada
  2. A spectral series approach to high-dimensional non-parametric regression
  3. A Statistical method for estimating luminosity functions using truncated data.
  4. Big Universe, Big Data: Machine Learning and Image Analysis for Astronomy
  5. The Breakthrough Listen Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
  6. Data Mining Challenges and Opportunities in Astronomy
  7. Galaxy Zoo: reproducing galaxy morphologies via machine learning
  8. Designing and Mining Multi-Terabyte Astronomy Archives: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey
  9. Machine learning algorithms in Astronomy

More resources will be added soon!