Is Hubble’s Tuning Fork Diagram ‘misleading’?

Misleading visualization results in misrepresenting of information Hubble’s tuning fork diagram, published in 1936 by US astronomer Edwin Hubble, is the earliest method for classification of galaxies. It classifies galaxies based on their apparent structure – into three main categories – elliptical, spiral and barred spiral. Edwin Hubble’s program of observing distant galaxies, during 1920s,Continue reading “Is Hubble’s Tuning Fork Diagram ‘misleading’?”

Oldest Depiction of Supernova in Stone Carving

This is a follow-up post on “Indian Records of Crab Nebula“ Earlier I have written about possibility of Indian records of SN1054 – you may see the article on above link. This one is however is relatively new discovery. In 2018, oldest skymap depicting Supernova explosion was unearthed in Kashmir, India. Skymap is a 5000Continue reading “Oldest Depiction of Supernova in Stone Carving”

Indian records of Crab Nebula

Somewhere around 5500 BC, a star exploded. It was 6500 light-years away from Earth, in our galaxy in the same neighborhood as Sun. News of this explosion reached Earth at the speed of light on 4 July 1054 AD. And out of nowhere, a star appeared in the sky, bright enough to be seen inContinue reading “Indian records of Crab Nebula”