Oldest Depiction of Supernova in Stone Carving

This is a follow-up post on “Indian Records of Crab Nebula“ Earlier I have written about possibility of Indian records of SN1054 – you may see the article on above link. This one is however is relatively new discovery. In 2018, oldest skymap depicting Supernova explosion was unearthed in Kashmir, India. Skymap is a 5000Continue reading “Oldest Depiction of Supernova in Stone Carving”

Aryabhatiya: an Introduction

This is the first article on Aryabhatiya. It is quite a broad one, so it is impossible to cover the whole topic in one article. I will post more articles in the coming days. Aryabhata I, author of Aryabhatiya An Indian astronomer-mathematician. His notable work is Aryabhatiya. As mentioned by himself in his work –Continue reading “Aryabhatiya: an Introduction”