Top Binoculars for Astronomy to buy in India 2021

Binoculars are portable, easy to use, no need of any specialized mount, just a fluid head tripod will work fine. Binoculars are great first telescope. They would be more useful then a telescope. Huge astronomical binoculars often have larger aperture than some small refractors. Binoculars are great option for newbies or for those who justContinue reading “Top Binoculars for Astronomy to buy in India 2021”

Celestron 20×80 Skymaster Astronomy Binoculars Review

As your first astronomical gear, every amateur astronomer will recommend you to first get a pair of binoculars. And with Celestron 20X80 Skymaster, you cannot go wrong. These Binoculars are really well built, and if stored/used properly, it will last for a lifetime. Because of their portability and negligible maintenance many amateur astronomers prefer toContinue reading “Celestron 20×80 Skymaster Astronomy Binoculars Review”