Sungrazer Project: How to discover a Comet?

Previously I’ve written about how you can make astronomical discoveries and also mentioned some Citizen Science Program where you can give your contributions to discoveries. Here’s the article – 10 Citizen Science Programs where you can make Astronomical Discoveries. One such program is NASA’s Sungrazer Project where you can discover comets. Here’s is a quick walk-through:Continue reading “Sungrazer Project: How to discover a Comet?”

Nazis, ICBMs And The Moon: Space Race

The Space Race was one of the outcomes of the Cold War (1947 – 1991). And two nuclear weapons were recently used by the US. The nuclear stockpile was rapidly increasing on the Earth. And obviously to use these weapons US and Soviets needed precise vehicles to deliver them to their target location, thousands of kilometers away. That’s whyContinue reading “Nazis, ICBMs And The Moon: Space Race”